What Is Branded Video?

Branded video is a form of advertising that uses the generating of content as a way to promote the particular brand which funds the content's production. Within Congo you have the options to add any of the following branding to your videos:

Intro Bumper: Video that plays pre-roll to you uploaded content. Often a slick animated logo or brand image. See below video for example with Congo branded intro.

Outro Bumper: Video that plays at the end of your uploaded content. Most brands use this as a call to action, website or logo. Think, what do you want your people to do after seeing this video you just posted? See below video for example with Congo branded outro.

Watermark: One of the best and most visible ways to promote your brand is by adding your brand image on the bottom R of your video. See below video for example with Congo branded watermark.

Metadata: Be sure to add the right tags, title and description to every bit of content you upload. The Facebook, Twitter and Google algorithms crawl this data and you will increase the chance of your video turning up in peoples feeds and/or searches.

Congo Promo from Congo on Vimeo.

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