How To Create A Beautiful Home Walkthrough Video?

Create an awesome walkthrough video like this in minutes. Just follow these simple steps. 

1) Walk through the house and shoot 15-20 short 4-10 second clips on your iphone camera. Use STEADY camera movement for best results and HIGHLIGHT the homes features that you think will entice buyers. Make sure the house is staged well and you have good lighting.

2) Open your favorite video editing app. We suggest using these

3) Using the app, stitch the clips together, add text, filters and music. Note- using music from the app is royalty free, don't try and use songs from your iTunes account unless you have secured the appropriate licenses or your video will be flagged by YouTube and Facebook and the video will be taken down.

4) When you have finished editing the video. Save the video to your phone.

5) Open the video in your "Photos" app and "SHARE" through CONGO to the world! For tips on how to use the Congo share extension see this article.

TIP - Remember you are telling a story and helping potential clients feel like this could be their home. Make sure your camera shots flow and seem natural so that your viewers feel like they are walking through the house with you.

Have fun and be creative :) 

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