First Time Setup

Welcome to Congo! We're excited to help get your first campaign setup and ready to go. Set it once, and post away.


1) Create a user account and login and follow the prompts to create your first campaign.

2) UPLOAD VIDEO BUMPERS. Typically a pre-roll video is 3-5 seconds (looks best when its simply an animated logo of your business) and an post-roll video/call to action is between 5-15 seconds long. If you don't have these already, no worries! We can make custom bumpers for you for $200 each  CLICK THIS LINK and we'll get started. Alternatively, you can use one of our affiliates ( Fiverr or RenderForest).

3) UPLOAD WATERMARK image and cover art. Watermarks look best when they are small (eg 380x164px) and at 80% opacity. White also works best across most videos. An example of a watermark image can be seen below in the bottom R corner of this screenshot from a video.

4) SYNDICATION - Decide where you want your videos to post by authenticating into your social media accounts. When an account has connected you will see a "checkmark" next to it. We can post video to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter while audio goes to Soundcloud and itunes.

5) METADATA - On your "SETUP" page you can enter any default text you want to post to every video, including title, tags and description. Please note, due to Facebook policy restrictions default metadata cannot be displayed in the Message field on Facebook. Only text explicitly inputed from the content publisher will appear. So on posts to facebook, this default metadata is stripped out and must be added within the app when you post video.

6) CONTRIBUTORS - when you click on the "CONTRIBUTORS" tab you can invite people to post to your campaign as your subscription level allows. Invite and assign permissions (admin, moderator or publisher) to your users.

7) USE THE APP - Download the Congo app in the app store, login and post away!

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